Develop a Deeper Bond with Professional Dog Training

At The Village Vets, we’re not only concerned about your pet’s health; we’re concerned about your relationship with them, too! That’s why we’re happy to now offer professional dog training at our Stone Mountain location. Master Canine Instructor, Mario Holland, will be running different programs to curb undesirable behaviors and help you and your pet understand each other better.

Dog Training Programs

Mario will be offering group training classes, private sessions, and board and train options for your pup. Additionally, there are several different levels of dog training that Mario teaches including:

Foundational Training

This course consists of six one-hour classes over a six-week period. Pets and their people will learn name recognition, stand, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, recall, leave it, and more. Dogs will be taught with minimal distractions on a 6-foot leash.

  • Needed for this course:
    • 6-foot leash
    • Correction collar
    • Treats
    • Clicker (optional)

On-Leash Obedience

With six one-hour classes over the duration of six weeks, you and your pet will learn many of the same commands as the foundational course as well as heel with auto sit, ignore, stop, and more. Dogs will be taught with maximum distractions on a 30 ft. leash.

  • Needed for this course:
    • All items in Foundational Training
    • 30-foot leash
    • Toy or bone

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

A CGC course consists of six one-hour classes completed over six weeks. Training follows the evaluation test created by the AKC. This course is particularly useful if you plan for your pet to become an emotional service animal or a service or therapy dog.

  • Needed for this course:
    • All items from On-Leash Obedience
    • Tab leash

Throughout every program, Mario encourages positive reinforcement training techniques to better ensure your dog’s compliance and make each session a pleasant experience for all!

dog training in Stone Maountain

Why Train Your Dog?

Professional training isn’t just for dogs who misbehave or have bad habits. Every dog and owner can gain insight from the classes, as well as a deeper understanding of each other. Some of the benefits you can expect with dog training include:

  • A higher level of safety. Our dogs don’t always know what’s best for them, so it’s up to us to make better decisions for them. With a trained dog who adheres to your commands, you can keep them from dangerous situations such as encounters with wild animals, conflict with other dogs, and more.
  • Better manners and socialization. Training your dog means they’ll have a better understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable in your home, how to greet new guests with respect, and how to behave well in social situations whether with other dogs or people.
  • Better communication between you and your dog. Not only will training help your dog to better understand your commands, but it will also help you to pick up on your dog’s own attempts at communication including body language, vocalization, and more.
  • A deeper relationship. With all the respect, confidence, and better communication that comes with training your dog, you will, no doubt, develop a better relationship with them. And what could be better than that!