Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Stone Mountain, GA

Dental disease is the most prevalent disease among cats and dogs. In fact, more than two-thirds of cats and dogs have some form of dental disease by the time they’re three years old! It not only affects their mouths and gives them bad breath and painful gums, but it can also affect their internal organs if left untreated. At The Village Vets Stone Mountain, we provide advanced dog and cat teeth cleaning to prevent dental disease as well as reverse its effects.

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Stone Mountain, GA, Pet Dentist in Stone Mountain, GA
Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Stone Mountain, GA, Pet Dentist in Stone Mountain, GA
Pet Dentist in Stone Mountain, GA

Our Pet Teeth Cleaning Procedures

Your cat or dog should ideally receive a professional dental cleaning every year, similar to your own dental care routine! Our veterinarians and technicians skillfully and safely remove plaque and tartar from teeth, as well as perform a detailed assessment to monitor any progression of dental disease. Your pet’s dental procedure includes:

  • Ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar
  • Polishing to prevent future buildup of plaque
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth
  • Surgical extractions of damaged or broken teeth, if needed (pain medication will also be provided)
  • Digital dental X-rays to assess internal damage below the gum line

Safety in All We Do

Every dental procedure is approached with the same safety precautions we apply to surgeries. Because dental cleanings require anesthesia for the safety of your pet and our staff, they will undergo pre-anesthetic blood work and an exam to ensure they are healthy enough for anesthesia. Additionally, during the procedure, they’ll receive an IV catheter to supply them with warmed fluids and will have full monitoring that keeps track of their vitals for any sign of changes that need to be addressed.

What People are Saying

Cat Teeth Cleaning in Stone Mountain, GA, Pet Dentist in Stone Mountain, GA

The Power of At-Home Pet Dental Care

We’re not the only ones who have the power to influence your pet’s dental health; you can help prevent dental disease, too! Consistent at-home pet dental care can help increase the length of time between professional cleanings by stalling the progression of plaque and tartar buildup. Brushing your pet’s teeth is the very best option, but we realize that’s not always possible. We can suggest several other products for your pet including:

  • Dental chews and treats
  • Water additives
  • Dental wipes
  • Dental toys

Contact us today at (770) 717-1650 for your pet’s dental care, and please ask us if you have any questions about pet teeth cleaning.