Dog and Cat Boarding in Stone Mountain, GA

Leaving town is always bitter-sweet. The thrill of an adventure is so appealing, but too often, that means leaving behind your furry friend. You want to make sure they’re well-cared for when you’re away, but dedicated pet sitters can be hard to find. At The Village Vets Stone Mountain, we offer a large, comfortable, secure pet boarding for dogs and cats facility attended by caring, compassionate staff to make your pet feel right at home. Don’t wait to book their stay, we fill up quickly, especially during the summer and the holidays!

Benefits of Boarding your Dog or Cat with Us

We aim to make every pet feel special when they’re with us. Our trained, attentive kennel staff gives them all the individualized care they need and more. When your pet stays with us, they can expect:

  • Spacious accommodations including dog kennels and runs, as well as cat condos
  • Fresh water daily
  • A low-residue diet, unless you provide their food from home*
  • Comfortable, cozy bedding cleaned daily or as needed
  • Medication administration by trained staff (if needed)
  • Daily walks three times per day for dogs, plus bathroom breaks
  • Outdoor play-time for dogs
  • One-on-one playtime for cats
  • 50% off a bath before they go home (for stays 5 days or longer)

Keep in mind that we do allow you to bring bedding and toys from home, as it does help your pet adjust to their stay with us. However, we are not responsible for any lost items.

*We encourage you to bring your own food if your pet is particularly anxious about their stay, so they can avoid any gastrointestinal upset. Additionally, you may bring bedding as well as toys for your pet, but please be aware we are not responsible for any lost items.

dog boarding in stone mountain, ga

Pet Boarding Requirements

In order to keep our guests safe, and our pet boarding facility clean, we require every pet to meet some requirements before they can board with us. These include:

  • Free from parasites (internal and external)
  • Free from disease
  • Being up-to-date on required vaccinations

Canine requirements for boarding

Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, and a negative fecal within the last year

Feline requirements for boarding

Rabies, FVRCP, and a negative combo test within the last year (regardless of indoor/outdoor status)

Please contact us at (770) 717-1650 with any questions or concerns about boarding your cat or dog with us. We’re happy to help!

Pet Boarding Stone Mountain, GA for Cats
Pet Boarding Stone Mountain, GA for Dogs