Prolonging Quality of Life with Wellness Exams for Pets in Stone Mountain, GA

Your pet’s health is always changing. Year after year, their bodies age at a more rapid rate than our own, meaning they develop diseases and chronic conditions faster, too. The Village Vets Stone Mountain believe that consistent wellness exams for pets means we can catch these problems early and address them immediately. Additionally, it allows us to establish a relationship with you and your pet so that we can better understand their ‘normal’ and more readily detect signs of illness. Annual exams are ideal! If your pet is due, schedule a wellness appointment today.

Wellness Exams for Pets in Stone Mountain, GA
Wellness Exams for Cats & Dogs in Stone Mountain, GA

Wellness Exams Tailored to Your Cat & Dog's Needs

Preventive measures do not boil down to standard services we provide for every pet at every wellness exam. We tailor them to suit your individual pet’s needs. No two wellness exams will ever look exactly the same. During an exam, you can expect any or all of the following services:

Wellness Exams for Dogs in Stone Mountain, GA

Heartworm and Other Parasite Preventatives

In our mild climate, year-round parasite prevention is a vital component of your pet’s wellness care. Heartworms are one of the biggest concerns for our area and while more prevalent in dogs, cats are also at risk. Fleas, ticks, and heartworms (carried by mosquitoes) are the most common parasites, but they aren’t the only ones! Intestinal parasites can cause your pet a whole lot of trouble and are very costly to treat, too. The best way to save your pet (and your wallet) is to give your pet parasite preventatives year-round. Our veterinarians will talk to you about what the best products are for your pet.

Give Your Pet the Best Chance at a Longer Life

Pet wellness care gives your pet the best chance at a healthier and longer life with you. Preventive care is more affordable than treatment, so it helps you save, too. Let us give your pet the care they deserve. Contact us today at (770) 717-1650 or schedule an appointment online.